Our Mission

Tattoo Lovers Care LogoWe care about our salves and creams as much as you care about your tattoos. We think your lines are our lines and your colors are our colors, so we set out to make the absolute best lineup of tattoo care products. We don’t want you to put anything on your skin that we wouldn’t put on our skin and we demand the best. It’s why our product is vegan, cruelty free, all natural, fragrance and dye free…and also why it contains something never before seen in boutique tattoo care. Our ingredient selection process assumed the philosophy “Always natural, always mindful, always mandatory.” As a result, all of our ingredients are natural, mindful, and necessary to the function of the product and we have created a luxurious and subtle line of tattoo aftercare that is both elegantly minimalist and entirely comprehensive.

If you look at the ingredients of our pharmacist/herbalist formulated salve, the ingredients list itself will tell you the story of the experience. First, you will notice the firm yet supple texture of vegan Candelilla wax, merging with the nourishing and protective blend of Cocoa and Shea butters to form the base of your experience. As the butters disappear into your skin, they leave behind a lightweight “barely-there” moisturizing layer of oils carrying the therapeutic essential oils along with the natural scents they produce. Our carrier oils selection is a mixture of Jojoba Oil accented with vitamin E and arnica oil. Jojoba oil is the natural oil which most closely replicates your body’s own natural sebum: a protective substance your freshly inked skin desperately needs but can’t make for itself. Healing skin needs sebum more than ever to protect it and keep it steadily healing. Vitamin E is well known for wound healing and skin repair while arnica oil is great for an all-natural pain and inflammation relief. All these bases, butters, and oils will give your skin everything it needs to do its job of healing itself while avoiding itching, pain, infection, and scarring that can occur with even the most diligent tattoo aftercare.

Be mindful and care for your new tattoo. The best aftercare product is in between your ears.