The Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Guide

Tattoo Aftercare SalveTattoo Lovers Care products are formulated using only the highest quality, all-natural, cruelty free and vegan ingredients. Our in house, practicing pharmacists/herbalists have created our formulas with the goal of healing your tattoo quickly while also maintaining the color and clarity of precious tattoo inks. They have spent countless hours researching, hypothesizing, formulating, and testing all of our formulas to ensure a quality that you will come to love and appreciate. We always use organic when possible and keep our formulas free of harmful additives such as perfumes, dyes, parabens, chemicals or anything else you shouldn’t be consuming. Our line is always made in house in the United States and by hand with love and care and we hope you enjoy our range of products!

4 stages of healing your tattoo - The Ultimate Tattoo Guide