Long Term Tattoo Care Means Long Term Tattoo Quality

Tattoo care doesn’t stop when the healing process ends. 

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget about taking care of your tattoos, but if you want to keep your tattoos looking bright and sharp forever, you need to dedicate yourself to a skincare routine. 

Think of it like you would brushing your teeth or combing your hair. You get ready for the day, and before leaving, you put on some TLC Serum and TLC Sunscreen, and you’re out the door. 

Take it with you to reapply as needed.

Easy peasy.

We made the Tattoo Lovers Care Product Line to be with you for each specific step of the journey. 

From the healing process to ForeverCare, your tattoos will receive the same premium, organic, vegan, all-natural ingredients for the life of your tattoo.

Aftercare begins with understanding why our tattoos change over time.

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Reasons Our Tattoos Change Over Time

Let’s look at why we need a skincare routine to keep our tattoos looking fresh. 

  • Sun Exposure
  • Aging
  • Lifestyle
  • Placement
  • Bad Aftercare

Sun Exposure - Sunscreen

The sun is brutal on our ink. 

Next time you see a construction worker, try to make out their tattoos. It’s nearly impossible because their tattoos are getting hit with UV rays on a daily basis. 

Nothing will fade a tattoo more quickly than the sun. 

The only way to combat sun exposure is to stay in the shade or use TLC Sunscreen.

Aging - Serum

We’re all growing older one day at a time. 

As we age, the elasticity and collagen in our skin begin to break down, making our skin sag and stretch. Since our tattoo is part of our skin, the ink will also stretch and sag.

Since we get to take aging a day at a time, that means that we can take daily measures to prevent our skin from aging rapidly by using products like TLC Serum.

Lifestyle - Cream

Our daily habits significantly impact how our tattoos will look over time. 

If you party all the time and eat trash food, then your skin will reflect that you party all the time and eat garbage. 

Staying healthy gives you a considerable advantage over aging prematurely. It’s essential that you:

You’ll be amazed at how well your skin maintains your tattoos when you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Where our tattoos sit on our bodies makes a difference

Tattoos that live on the back of your hands will fade much more quickly than those placed on your upper inner arm. 

You use your hands constantly and are exposed to the elements every day, whereas your inner arms are rarely exposed to much sunlight and just sit inside your sleeves.

Bad Aftercare - Soap/Salve

Before leaving the shop, your tattoo artist will give you instructions on how to properly take care of your tattoo for the next few weeks to months.

The time following your tattoo appointment will be one of the most significant determining factors in whether or not you’ll have a great-looking tattoo for years to come. 

Your tattoo artist is a professional, and you should follow their instructions closely. Ignore them, and your tattoo will suffer.

It’s also important that you use premium tattoo aftercare products. 

How To Keep Your Tattoos Looking New

Keeping your tattoos looking fresh is more about keeping your skin healthy than it is about the actual ink itself. The healthier your skin looks and feels, the better your tattoos will look.

Here are the best ways to keep your tattoos looking bright:

  • Limit Sun Exposure
  • Drink Lots Of Water
  • Eat Healthy Foods
  • Get Lots Of Sleep
  • Avoid Excessive Weight Gain/Loss
  • Establish A Skincare Routine

It’s evident that most of this list is done by keeping your skin healthy from the inside out.

A healthy lifestyle will do tremendous things for your tattoos, but what about getting that shine and extra burst of color you see on a new tattoo.

Brilliant-looking tattoos come from premium skincare products.  

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To get your tattoos to that level of brilliance, you have to start at the beginning of your aftercare phase. Phase 1 begins on the day you leave the tattoo shop.

Phase 1: Clean (The Beginning)

Your tattoo will be a brand new fresh wound at this stage, and it will ooze, swell, and hurt. Keeping it clean is your number one priority, especially in the first 48 hours

The quality of soap you use can directly impact the appearance of your tattoo years down the road. 

That’s why our TLC Foam Soap is pharmacist and herbalist formulated with safe, all-natural, vegan ingredients to keep your tattoo safe.

The foam makes applying the soap easy, and the essential oils soothe the skin while also smelling amazing.

Soaps of low quality that aren’t designed for tattoos can have active ingredients that will irritate and inflame your tattoo. Inflammation can lead to infection and scarring.

You’ll need to use TLC Foam Soap for the entirety of the healing process to ensure that your tattoo stays free of debris and infection-causing germs.

Phase 2: Heal (The Scabbening)

During this early stage of healing, you’ll see scabs and flakes forming on your tattoo. I cannot stress enough that you are NEVER to pick at your scabs. Doing so can cause ink loss and infection.  

Use TLC Salve to reduce redness, swelling, and pain. It will quicken the healing process and can also be used on any cuts and burns.

The base is made with jojoba oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter to moisturize your skin. Hemp extract, helichrysum, and arnica help with inflammation and promote healing.

We put pure vanilla extract with essential oils in the salve to create an orange dreamsicle aroma that smells amazing without using any artificial fragrance.

You’ll know this healing phase is complete when you begin to experience “the itch.”

Phase 3: Moisturize (The Flake Off)

Your skin underneath the scabs and flakes is healing itself. At this point, you will begin to experience a severe itch.

We covered it in Phase 2, but it’s worth repeating. 

DO NOT SCRATCH your new tattoo.

You’ll do irreversible damage to your hard-earned tattoo. The flakes will fall off on their own when they are ready. 

Don’t try and rush the process by picking off the flakes. It’ll harm your tattoo and ruin its ability to look sharp years down the line. 

You can find relief from “the itch” in our TLC Cream. The cream consistency applies smoothly and evenly across the rough surface of your scabs and flakes. Essential oils go deep into your skin to moisturize and heal from the inside out.

The oils also give the cream a lavender citrus scent that smells amazing.

You’ll know this healing phase is complete when all the flakes have fallen off on their own, and the skin over the tattoo looks shiny.

Bundle TLC Foam Soap, Salve, & Cream so you’re prepared for the first 3 phases of the healing process and beyond.

Phase 4: Defend (Skin Cocoon)

At this point, all of the scabs and flakes have fallen away, and you’re left with a thin layer of brand new skin that is sensitive to touch and cloudy in appearance.

It can take as long as six months for your tattoo to heal fully. During this time, your tattoo is especially vulnerable, and you need to take steps to keep it moisturized and protected from the sun.

Using our TLC SPF 30 Sunscreen will protect your tattoo from the sun’s harmful UV rays that destroy the pigment and make your tattoo fade rapidly. 

You can tell this phase is over when your tattoo no longer feels sensitive to touch. When you run your hand over it, you can no longer feel where the healing tattoo is. 

Even though your tattoo is healed, you still need to put TLC Sunscreen on to protect it from the sun’s UV rays.

Phase 5: Maintain (The Greatness)

You’ve made it through the healing process, but maintaining and caring for your tattoo doesn’t end here.

Your two biggest concerns are:

  • The sun’s harmful UV rays that destroy your tattoo’s pigments, causing the ink to fade prematurely. The only way to combat the sun is to use TLC SPF 30 Sunscreen.

  • The overall health of your skin. Your skin will stretch and sag as you age, causing your tattoos to fade and deteriorate. To keep your skin healthy and tight, use TLC Serum. 

As we discussed at the beginning of the article, the only way to maintain bright and defined tattoos beyond the healing process is with a daily skincare routine and a healthy lifestyle. 


Using our TLC products means your skin and tattoo will stay vibrant and healthy for years to come because you’ll be applying premium, all-natural, vegan, and organic ingredients on a daily basis.

Results from tattoo care can’t be seen in days or weeks but in months and years. It’s best to start on day one, but it’s never too late to begin giving your tattoos the proper nutrients your skin needs to keep the ink looking vivid for years to come.

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Final Outcome

Tattoo Lovers Care was created to help tattoos stay their best for every step of the journey. We created a product for each unique stage of a tattoo’s life.

  • TLC Foam Soap—The beginning: to keep your tattoo clean from germs and debris.

  • TLC SalveDeep healing: ease pain and swelling while reducing healing time. 

  • TLC CreamMoisturize: fight “the itch” and hydrate your skin.

  • TLC SPF 30 Sunscreen—Defend: protection from the sun while it finishes healing and forever after.

  • TLC Serum—Maintain: nourish your tattoo to ensure that your tattoos stay vibrant and healthy for life.

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If you’re an artist and want to share or offer Tattoo Lovers Care products to your clients, we’re proud to provide wholesale bundle kits to help you get premium aftercare and skincare products into the hands of your customers.

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Tattoo Lovers Bundle: Salve, Cream, & Foam Soap

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